Welcome to Full Tilt's Corporate Team Building - Horse Archery.


If you are looking for something totally different for your Company's Team Building Days, then Full Tilt has just what you are after.


The Horse Archery Day will consist of your Employees being devided up to two teams and each team will be given a Team Colour. We will have a Black Team and a Silver Team. Costumes will be provided by Full Tilt.


Team members will start  by learning on foot, how to use a Horse Archery Bow and Arrow and shoot targets.Once they have perfected their technique and accuracy, they will move onto keeping scores for a set number of targets shot. Scores will be kept to determine who is going to be the Team Champion for the day.


Once everyone has learnt the skills of the Horse Archer on foot, they will move up to riding our safe and reliable horses. Each Team member will learn how to shoot targets off a moving horse, There will be a series of three targets to shoot during a run of 100m. Scores will be kept and the the person from each Team with the highest Scores at the end of the day will go through to the Championship Archery Shoot Off, to determine who the winning team is for the day.

Will it be the Black Team or the Silver Team.


Our Full Tilt Horse Archery Horses Thunder and Lightening are very safe and bombproof and will take good care of your employees for the day.


Please contact Full Tilt via our Contact Page for more details and pricing.

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