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Full Tilt GhostRiders.



GhostRiders is an exciting new Wild West arena show from Full Tilt Entertainment.


Relive the spectacular gun toting and horse riding skills of Buffalo Bill, the quintessential cowboy and showman.


GhostRiders put you right in the center of the Old West action, with beautifully recreated costumes, accurately appointed and amazing horses and trusty shootin’ irons so you can experience the ultimate in action packed family friendly re-enactment.


GhostRiders hold your safety paramount so crew and horses are all professionally trained.


Blank rounds are used in all our officially licenced 19thC style firearms so there is no danger to the performers or the audience.


You must experience the ultimate wild west show for yourself. GhostRiders use both state of the art equipment and technology to make your experience just like being in the Old West!

Due to Firearms permit restrictions this show can only be offered in NSW.

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