Full Tilt, when only the BEST will do.

School History Demonstrations - Ancient Greek through to 15th Century Jousting Knights.


Also, Horse Archery Demonstrations and Clinics.

TV/Film Action Horses.


Our aim is to present a Historically Accurate display of arms and armour to help students learn history through interaction.

This means the armour and costume worn by Full Tilt and our horses is reproduced as closely as possible to the originals.

Full Tilt  can bring History Alive to your school and involve students in learning through seeing the armour, handling the armour and taking part in additional activities only provided through Full Tilt.


If you want the best in Australia, then book Full Tilt.


With over 25 years experience and many repeat customers, when you book Full Tilt, you can be reassured you are booking the best.

​Please contact us on our Contact page for more information.

Full Tilt have semi retired from the joust, only continuing with selected events, however, we still provide Horse  Archery Demonstrations and Clinics, along with our very popular School Educational Displays.

Fully Insured and have working with children checks.


If you are looking for a professional business to help you out with Film work a TV commercial, TV Program or Print Ad, please contact us as we have plenty of experience in this industry also. See our  TV, Film & Media Page. Referees can be provided.


Even though we are semi retired from the joust, below is a brief outline of what Full Tilt have achieved over the past 25 years.

Full Tilt have supplied equipment, horses and riders for TV commercials and large scale re-enactments.


Full Tilt appeared on Masterchef, The Bachelor, Sydney Weekender, The Kerri-Anne Kennely Show, Talk to the Animals, Sunday Sunrise, The 7pm Project and supplied the horses and a rider for the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Vinegar Hill which featured on the ABC’s Rewind program. We also provided the horses and two riders for SBS’s The Colony. Full Tilt were part of a TV Commercial filmed in Central Railway Station in Sydney on a tiled surface, both horses handled the tiled surface and all lighting, overhead cranes and other associated equipment without hesitation and with ease.

Full Tilt provided horses, a stunt rider and horse wrangler for a Print Ad Campaign for Royal Salute Whiskey, and more recently Rod can be seen as head coach on the latest Reality TV Show in the USA "Full Metal Jousting".


For Alinta Energy, our Jousting Knight was hired as a stuntman for the face of their advertising campaign, which included him riding horses he had never met before.


In 2015, Full Tilt provided a Knight and Horse for the Great Australian Spelling Bee and a Knight for online Finance Commercial SpotMe.

Full Tilt have also provided a stunt/actor double for a short film by the name of Sir Wishart, by Sam Petty.

Full Tilt also supplied armoured and mounted knights to lead the Newcastle Knights Rugby League Team through Maitland when they won the Premiership.

Our horses led the parade and were hemmed in on both sides by screaming crowds waving banners and streamers in their faces. Our well trained mounts didn’t bat an eyelid and finished the parade as calmly as they had started.

Our Jousting, Bushranger, Cowboy and Horse Archery horses are crowd friendly and we often posed for photos with children.

When you hire Full Tilt for your show or event you can be assured that you are getting the best that there is.

Rod Walker is a multiple IJA World Jousting Champion with a knowledge for history, he has over 25 years experience in the Industry.

Full Tilt also have contacts with support acts. If you want armoured foot fighters, live period musicians or period stall holders for your tV Commercial or event, than we can organise this as well.



Contact Full Tilt via our Contact Page for more information.


Full Tilt - Bringing History Alive through School Education, Jousting, Horse Archery and Entertainment. We can even provide Bushrangers.

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